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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  September 6, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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right now at 5 a big milestone this week for ohio and medical marijuana. what is legal starting today and what is not a local mother shares her frustration. more proof ohio is key when it comes to the election. both candidates making stops year in northeast ohio. coming up johnny football is becoming johnny student he's back on familiar turf and it is not the football field. six days into september and account amazing it will be. if you're not staring at the television we have balls of sunshine all over. upper 80s tenure 90. it will be hot.
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we're certainly going to feel it today. yesterday 89. it was pleasant yesterday and humidity was nice and debris. today you will notice more heat. 76 at 9 am. short sleeves for the kids and for you for that matter near 90 for the high today. coming up have our best chance of seeing showers and storms because they exist good morning. let's look at the traffic map. is still an accident free commute. we're looking good. to the south we are green. a bit of slow traffic i was tracking on 76 east past 14 but that has cleared up.
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480 eastbound approaching the turnpike. 271 -- between 271 and ohio 14. a two-minute delay so far nothing to frustrate you. ohio takes steps this weekend toward legalizing medical marijuana. today it becomes legal to bring it back to you >> it will stick -- still take months for the system to catch up. alyssa raymond joins us to explain. >> reporter: as you said today you can go out-of-state and bring it back and use it. and also starting this thursday doctors in ohio can prescribe it but there is still a bunch of stuff that is causing delays. the rules and regulations and dispensaries grow sites money that has been finalized. the deadline for rules and
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a 13 person panel needs to be selected to oversee that experts are saying ohioans likely will not be able to buy medical one -- marijuana here until 2017 at the earliest. this is frustrating for some. this one feels she feels so close yet so far away. >> we could say it is legal and we could actually get but cannot get. because of the hoops that we're jumping through. we have a far way to go. until the doctors can actually give me a piece of paper or the license that says i can have it. there's nothing i can do. and she will struggle every day. >> reporter: the entire industry may not be up and running until september september 2018. some stipulations came with the legalization such as you can
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you cannot smoke it. and you have to have a specific qualifying a conditions and in the daughters case that would be the seizures. coming up find out which cities in northeast ohio are already putting blocks into prevent businesses from setting up shop in the city. labor da kickoff to the fall campaign season and both candidates are once again focusing on ohio. tiffany tarpley joins us from downtown. and there also getting ready for a fourth here on channel 3. >> reporter: they will be answer questions related to national security, veterans issues and things like that. during this extended holiday weekend they talked about labor. and they made that push here in northeast ohio. yesterday we
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airport. trump's visit with running mate mike pence was unannounced and made his pitch to union leaders and brooks park in that many continued at goody's family restaurant. and then hillary clinton and tim kaine rallied at the park in cleveland talking about manufacturing and backing a higher minimum wage. >> know to rolling back collective bargaining know to unfair trade deals. bring jobs back to ohio. >> reporter: you heard it right there in clinton's voice. it was a bit raspy she had some issues with constant cough during the rally. after trump made his visit to brook park he would onto youngstown. congress returns after seven week recess. lawmakers have a long to do
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done. items include funding for the government, money to help fight zika virus and confirmation of a new supreme court justice. politics will hover over all of the business in the month before lawmakers leave again to go home and campaign. frank jackson and a team from the city are busy in the 11th district parade in search of votes to increase the income tax. the half percent increase will bring $80 million and half of that is needed to keep the budget balanced. the rest of to hire more police and workers and upgrade facilities. if the tax does not pass the mayor says there will be some painful consequences. >> you there we have it and we enhance service or we don't have it and we reduce service. >> a lot is at stake on this note. >> it has been 35 years since
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dollars will be paid by suburban residents who work in the city. we're learning more about a shooting in twinsburg that had the swat team on scene for hours sunday night. police were called to the home on idlewood drive before 6 pm. when they found jerry robinson with multiple gunshot wounds. the suspect robert waltzer then barricaded himself inside the home after four hours of trying to negotiate the swat team into the home and found him dead from the self-appointed gunshot wound. robinson died later at the hospital. charge of leaving the scene of a crash that killed a maple heights woman. brian burns junior is accused in the death of shirley duncan-barnes. he drove through a red light in a stolen car on the road. he then hit her vehicle forcing it into a building and that kilter as she was leaving a class reunion. a euclid man accused of egging a former neighbor's home
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jason goes and threw eggs at the euclid home on his old street more than twice a week for your. he pled guilty last week to a misdemeanor charge of inducing panic. police are not provided a motive for the crime. northeast ohioans say goodbye to wildwater kingdom as it closed its doors permanently. of jack lake park kept open to the public and officials say there's hope for future development on the property but right now no definite plans have been announced. visitors say it will be missed. it's very emotional. it was relaxing place to come. and a beautiful place. we feel down. >> we were talking yesterday and some people were crying because they have a lot of emotional attachment to the place. >> it is disappointing. it's fun to come down and get
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>> it's the only water park close to us where we live. there's not much around here. i love the water slides in the pools. >> part of the memories wildwater kingdom featured thunder falls which was the tallest water slide complex in ohio that stretched 100 feet into the sky the cleveland air show wrapped up but someone lost a special member of the family. over the weekend we hoping the a reunion. stephanie chmielecki found this stuffed monkey at the air show on the afternoon so she posted this on her facebook page. the post has been shared more than 3700 times already. but no one has stepped forward to claim the guy. former browns quarterback johnny manziel is making headlines. he's going back home
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couple of years. a sweet deal to in the summer. you can get a free friday -- frappe at dq today. we have a great day for something to call you off. upper 80s to near 90. it is tuesday and it will be a sizzler.
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topping the morning newsfeed president barack obama has become the first sitting president to visit isolated landlocked southeast asian laosnation of. it's meant to close a dark chapter in the shared history between the nations. he plans to address legacy of us bombing during the vietnam war. he will also be with south korean president. a denver tattoo artist had $1100 worth w him and what is frustrating is even if the thief is caught the artist cannot get his work back. a client took off after being frustrated with a tattoo the took almost 8 hours to complete. the shop owner said surveillance video shows the client was angry and it picked a few details that could have been fixed he's hoping the community of artists will help track down the suspect. derek willis celebrating unofficial end of summer with a giveaway today. at participating locations you
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ultimate oreo frappe. it's available to-5 pm today only. the ultimate treat is a combination of coffee, ice and oreo cookie pieces landed with vanilla softserve and finished with whipped topping and oreo cookie pieces. do we have the right temperatures today for that? >> it is perfect for ice cream. >> it could be 10 below an could have that treat. >> there is no bad weather for ice cream as far as i am concerned. on nice morning. a great start to your tuesday. it does have a monday feel for many of you because you were off yesterday. september 6 mainly 60s at the bus stop. short sleeves. it's going to be a hot one
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storm chances on the increase and a half and half weekend which i will explain. 76 at 9 am. low 80s at lunchtime and near 90 and near 90 x 5 p.m. we cannot let a pop-up storm chance but none of the computer models are picking up on it. it's going to be random if it happens at all. the big focus will be the mild weather to start and eventually heat. we see more numerous showers and storms to the north and west and we will track that area through the remainder of the week. and further east off of the coast we have more rainy weather. but we see lots of dry weather as well and what a weekend it was. hopefully you could take advantage. future track closer this morning we see partly cloudy skies into the afternoon. a few random shower chances into the day.
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of you will not see any rain. a 20% opportunity today but otherwise partly cloudy skies into this evening and also as we go into wednesday. it should be similar weather. hot again even through the middle of the week. temperatures are mild as we wake up. mainly 60s. we're going to start seeing 70s in most locations as the heat and humidity increase we will see more 70s. right now most of you are in the 60s. that shall change. here is the seven-day forecast. 89 for the high. and 90 would not surprise me. same thing tomorrow.
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30% of chance for rain on friday and saturday a decent chance for rain. kind the front we call off into the 70s. -- behind the front we cool things off into the 70s. so far it remains an accident and delay free ride throughout northeast ohio. let's prepare you for some delays star t ramp to us 30 westbound will close for one week. it will not reopen until next tuesday to us 30 westbound will close for one week. it will not reopen until next tuesday, september 13 because of construction. but don't worry. we have a detour. 43 cherry avenue. 2172 2172 tuscarora st. 77 south which a put you back at us 30. here's the picture on 77 at us 30 where traffic is getting by.
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our partners on the radio. last week we kicked off a new series. it's called rising telling the story of individuals who overcame great obstacles and are helping others. tonight i introduce you to robert zaino. his twin brother was stillborn but he survived and through his life he has to with serious health issues but running has uplifted his spirits and changed his life. he's now inspiring others including a teenager left with a severe brain injury from a car crash last february. you can watch rising every tuesday at 7 pm on channel 3 and if you or someone you know has a compelling story about a personal triumph please share it with us. use the hashtag rising and also
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thinking there is no hope or know where to turn and they see someone has done it and it gives you that new hope. >> last week a receipt that email or facebook post saying this gives me the courage to continue to take care of my brother who has brain cancer. hopefully we can continue to encourage others. lebron may have found a workout partner. what movie star has been spotted pumping iron with the
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many of you have been talking on social media about lebron james workout partner mark wahlberg. they showed this photograph of the time in the gym on instagram sunday afternoon. with -- they also included a few hashtags including by the way truly appreciate the gift. no clue on what the gift might be or why they were together besides working out. about the workout friend into thinks it's fun to see basketball players tower over actors. they wonder if they worked out in cleveland and to results they are planning a movie together. thank you for sharing your thoughts on our facebook page. we would love to hear from you. tristan thompson making headlines for his possible new
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they were spotted leaving from a west hollywood club last week and then over the weekend they came out of kabul some lucas mexico. neither one mentioned anything about the relationship. johnny manziel back in headlines as a student at texas a&m. several outlets are reporting the former quarterback has enrolled in classes again and his name is listed in the directory. let's talk about his major. he's listed as recreation 90 credit hours under his belt. he will be back in court on september 15 in dallas on domestic violence charges. lane and marine have the week off so we decided to bring you some guest co-anchors so be sure to stick around for the 6:00 hour when x mma fighter jesse goble join us at the anchor desk. she's part of usc 203 this weekend.
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talk with jessica about her fight training and diet and recent photo shoot for cosmopolitan. all of that and more coming up in the 6:00 hour. >> hopefully she won't wear green because we might have her do some weather we're not going to make her mad. >> whitey think it's going to be so sunny today? >> i do not need this to start my week. >> i'm worried more about me. i want to hear about this -- the hours she trains.
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low 80s at noon and close to 90 for the high. it is hot. 77 as the normal high for the state. we are trending very hot as we get into the week. looking at the travel maps there's a lot of clear high- pressure in control. we are expecting a nice sunrise this morning. you don't need the jacket you will need
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. in the morning rush ohio and medical marijuana starting today if you have a prescription you can go out-of- state to buy it bring it back and use it legally. and starting this thursday doctors can now prescribe it. some say we is so close but still so far away. a 13 person panel must still be appointed and that pana will then work with ci and where to grow's and sell it. these can block of marijuana businesses not its use. rocky river decided to do this already and some cities like lakewood put a six-month hold on it. experts say and ohioans will not be able to buy medical marijuana until 2017 at the earliest. and to do it all in its entirety will not happen until the fall of 2018. with over 60 days to go
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donald trump are making the final push for the november election. they started that push here and northeast ohio yesterday. was of them making stops on labor day. hillary clinton inverts easter park and donald trump's look at union and leaders and brook park and how they are getting ready for a forum that will air tomorrow night starting at 8:00. veterans will ask questions of both candidates will be on stage back to back. it's about one hour long and they will answer questions regarding national security and of course veterans issues. cedar point soak city is closed for the summer and will begin transforming into cedar point shores. a new waterslide complex that will be put in before next summer. some of the old sides will receive upgrades before the new season as well as upgrades to food and merchandise locations.
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we are down a degree at hopkins. 69 right now. it is tuesday and not monday. welcome to the new routine for work and school week. hope you enjoyed your long weekend. mid-70s at 9 am. 89 today for the high. 60s and comfortable. humidity is still tolerable this morning. if the hot weather that will grab your attention today. most of the showers and storms organized are to the north and west. we do have a chance of a spotty random pop-up shower because it will heat up so much but i think otherwise it is quiet today.
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spotty and random as far as chance of rain today. in the meantime let's check on the drive. let's look at the traffic map. so far it is still an accident and delayed freight ride. this is 90 at kenilworth avenue. traffic is moving in and out of downtown well. but if you're going into night 90 east will close over the inner belt bridge between 190 and 77 closing 8 pm tonight and reopens tomorrow morning at 6 am because of a bridge detour. it will add about five minutes to your commute. starr county district library is launching a mobile
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2000 books dvds cds and magazines it's the six mobile unit that the library owns making it the largest in ohio. if you don't own a library card you can still check it out and send up for a free card right there on site. the great job fair had another successful five-day run with attendant sitting 200,000 people. saturday was the busiest day when almost 200-year-old fares are over 57,000 visitors. the enjoy the let's talk competition rights food games and live entertainment. some bright news on the hermine front. floodwaters are receding across parts of florida this morning. rivers overflowed and hundreds of homes were evacuated. some people started to return to check out the damage and of course they were forced to title
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life-threatening rip currents will last into the middle of the week. new york city beaches will be closed for the third day today. bill cosby will return to court for a hearing on the sexual full case brought against him. his lawyers will fight to keep out key evidence including nearly 1000 pages of testimony he gave in and accuser's lawsuit. he is charged with drugging and sexually assaulting a woman who he meant toward at the judge will hear arguments and perhaps set a trial date. there has been a lot of tributes since the sudden passing of gene wilder last week. this rainbow berger surely is one of the best. it's a creation inspired by the movie willy wonka and the chocolate factory put together by of restaurant in australia. inside the berger there's beef patty tomato soup jelly fried
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sauce. the golden ticket will appear in one lucky customer's berger every day where you when a mystery prize. tracie potts is following the campaign and joins us live with the latest coming up. the browns will open the season against the quarterback they traded down what carson wentz was doing when he got the
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the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player?
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charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
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and north carolina are where the candidates will be on this first official day of the campaign and there were now in the final stretch. tracie potts is live with more on what the game plan is now. >> reporter: good morning. the game plan for hillary clinton seems to be to get as many big-name democrats out on her behalf is possible. we saw a yesterday in ohio.
5:41 am
battleground states as are both of them. he's not answer questions but it's immigration policy. >> donald trump hits the virginia and north carolina today to explain immigration. >> we have to go out and come back in >> reporter: and defending his laid-back debate prep. no cramming or mock debates be >> i people do so much prep work and then when they got the cannot speak. >> reporter: hilary clinton talk so much she is losing her vo getting into a twitter war with mexico's president. >> he measured his trip to mexico into an embarrassing international incident. >> she is in florida. >> reporter: hillary clinton is the superior candidate hands down. >> reporter: as the campaign enters the final stretch early voting begins in a few weeks and the first debate at the end of september. and election day just over two
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more of these candidates on tv especially in battleground ohio. we have tens of millions of dollars hillary clinton spent as well as her super pac on acts. in the donald trump has a smaller ads but new at that will come out this week. and some of those are funded by donors. congress is back this week. how could that affect the campaign? >> interesting because when they get back today the number one job is to avoid a government shutdown which we leaves many other things on the back burner. how they go about that will the have a continuing resolution with a doughnut come up with appropriations bill? is donald trump going to put in a position of either defending not getting things done or how they go about getting things done? that could be a political challenge.
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reputation of this team this year is they don't have long losing streak >> the longest of the season is three games and corey cooper pitching tonight so that is a good sign. experiment of making the bullpen game last night did not work. houston jumped out to a 3-0 lead and alex bregman with the to run homer. 29 homers for a long time but he got number 30 last night. indians lose 6-2 sattelite drops to four and half games over detroit but pitching has -- is not law since july 3 and since then he's given up just 16 runs in 10 starts. he has been automatic. the browns open sunday in philly and they know they will be the first opponent for rookie carson wentz. he missed most of the preseason
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call while he was out hunting geese. >> i was laying in the middle of a cornfield hunting when that happens. i got the call and i was surprised but instantly i was excited. >> now the browns defense will put a target on him and try to stop them. he threw only 24 passes in the preseason because of the injury preseason game. maybe the browns can take advantage or have some rookie jitters and get some pressure on him early. college football monday night my pick to win a national championship survived for the state was down 28-6 and the entrie friends want to fit but delivered a touchdown pass. the past for 419 yards for the state rallied with 33 straight points to win 45-34 over the
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seven ranked teams lost in the opening weekend. i've updated my pick and tweeted my top four college teams. let me know your take. football is underway which usually means a change in the forecast. >> it is total summer. a nice breeze this morning it's in the upper 60s at hopkins. wins out of the southwest today. 5-10 miles per hour sustained. here are some headlines. it's going to stay hot the next few days. let's talk about some weight weak storm chances and a half and half weekend. first after coming off an amazing long holiday weekend as planned we have more of it this week. it is tuesday already in many
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with monday being holiday for many of you. low 80s lunchtime. 77 is normal high so we're going to be well above that. made 89 yesterday. and over the next 12 hours he see a beautiful stretch of sunshine. short sleeves today. and grab your sunglasses. mild air in place already 60s. and as we look to our north and west this is where we see most of the organized wet weather. i say organized because we cannot rule out a pop-up shower or stray storm today. to the east coast offshore we see rainy weather and it will continue with some rough seas. but otherwise as we track through the day we have partly cloudy skies. hints of green today so not out
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but 20% or less. odds are in your favor to stay dry today. same thing for tonight and tomorrow is looking similar. here is the seven-day forecast. beautiful hot summer weather. close to 90 degrees into the middle of the week. storm chances thursday and then back up to 60% of rain on saturday. we introduce you to journey today. he likes the cleveland sunshine by lounging on the patio furniture. he looks cozy and i bet enjoyed the entire weekend. i love that name. we're always hoping you are on the jury during the morning commute. supports accident and delay
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the off ramp from i-77 southbound will be closed through at least midweek the cause of an accident that occurred sunday. if you need to get around this exit 77 south at arlington. as you can see traffic is moving just fine for those of you traveling on 77 between 30 and 277. we are looking good on the roads. suggests children exposed to more virtual violence could display more aggressive behaviors than friends. parents can help to curb what doctors are calling the media diet. >> violence is that if you not physically experiencing but you are exposed to but video games
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>> reporter: this violence whether real or fictional is what some doctors say could cause a child to become more destructive. especially if exposed at an early age >> preadolescents and early teenage years. that is when many of the video games are marketed toward the age group. but they may not necessarily know how to control the behavior. >> reporter: the doctor recommends parents monitor the top activity with its online mobile apps or >> if you're sitting down playing a game with your kids and you think that it's intense it's probably not a good idea for a pre-teenager to play a game like that. >> reporter: games are not the only cause for concern. he says for kids who are less than six years old it's important to protect them from all virtual violence including television >> they don't always know the difference between pretend ??
5:50 am
might act in a certain situation because they saw something on a cartoon. >> explaining the outcome of violence is one way the doctor says you can show right from wrong. >> if someone gets hurt or injured maybe show the family how they react so it's not just the act of the violence but the consequences. >> reporter: while doctor forward says not every child will turn violent or aggressive after being subjected to material he urges parents to be wary of what the kids are doing. it's time to check in with matt granite who has ways to save. >> reporter: laptop deals of the year. it is coming your way. i'm excited. let's get through the commercial break and bring you
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last week i asked matt granite about laptops and he said to wait. >> it was worth waiting for. today you will make $10. to penny on how you look at it. these software on the laptop has windows 10 pro which is worth $200. i found the whole laptop for $189. so it's either $-10. >> purdy please do a deal on laptops soon. because i do my reading math and watch videos on it. and i always borrow my dad's laptop. and so i hope you do a deal on
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thanks matt. >> welcome lucy and everyone else. windows 10 professional you will not find a laptop anywhere for windows 10 pro at this price. solid-state drive intel processor and lenovo took over ibm help -- there's also the upgraded version for a few dollars more which i recommend. you can watch this a test -- run the speed test it's dortch -- durable storage solution. why in the world would you know want a flash drive that is waterproof? for the next time you live in your pocket and it ends up in the wash. guilty. and for the webcam on the laptop it has a a selfie mode. you can flip it and capture
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that's one of the features of this laptop. not a paid product. this will sell out. deal of the year. the top stories coming up. good morning. starting today you can legally buy medical marijuana and use it in ohio. is it that easy? why some people are saying ohio is so close yeso fresh off the visit to northeast ohio what is next for trump and clinton as they get your vote. travel delays. which airline is experiencing a major computer failure and how it is impacting airports. guest anchors will be coming in
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right now big milestones for ohio and medical marijuana. coming up what is legal starting today and what is not. from ohio to new york city


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